Hindcast statistics

Our hindcast statistics API delivers metocean statistics of waves and winds for any location on earth. The statistics are derived from carefully validated hindcasts of regions of interest, including complete global coverage. Our hindcast datasets cover 37 years, providing a high degree of confidence to the derived statistics.

Hindcast statistics are provided for:

  1. Frequency of wave height, period and direction for each month.
  2. Frequency of wind speed and direction for each month.
  3. Maximum, minimum and mean wave height, wave period, wind speed and wave energy flux for each month.

Sites and routes supported

Requests for statistics can either be made for a single location, or for a series of locations, which represent a route. For a site, the response delivers the statistics for that single point. For a series of locations, the API service aggregates the statistics to provide a merged representation along the route. The resulting statistics therefore represent the overall conditions experienced by a vessel travelling the route.


The API takes a location or series of sites as query parameters. The bins for the frequency distributions of waves or winds can also be specified. Optionally one or more months can specified or aggregated over the whole year. All data is returned in CF-JSON format.

Check out the API docs here. Examples of API requests are provided here. A demo interface to experiment with making requests on a map is provided at demo.stats.metoceanapi.com.